At West Orange Self Storage, we have an onsite manager as well as the option to view the site or move in to a space during or after business hours. We recognise that moving or decluttering is not always a job that can be arranged in business hours. Contact us we will arrange a time that will suit you to view the facility and find a space that will suit your requirements. We are only a phone call or email away to help you with your storage solutions.

We always communicate with our storers and give them every opportunity to pay required fees.When a storer moves into this facility we have them complete a storage agreement. This document is a legal agreement between the storer and the storage facility. The agreement outlines what will happen if the storage fees are not paid. When storage fees are late, the space is over-locked and gate access denied. If storage fees continue unpaid for an extended length of time, the clauses in the agreement become enforceable by law.

WOSS tries to make the payment process easy. We accept fortnightly or monthly payments in the office by cash, cheque and EFTPOS facilities. We also have the authority to process periodic debit/credit card payments. Our clients can also use internet transfer payment systems. The office will email or post receipts when payments are made to the WOSS bank account. Reminders are also sent out 7 days before payments are due to advise upcoming fees.

As insurance is no longer able to be purchased for your goods in storage through our insurance broker, I ask you pay special attention to the insurance relating to your contents inside your storage unit. It is important that if you have a Home and Contents insurance policy to check with your insurer if your policy covers your goods in storage. If your insurer doesn’t cover goods in storage you will need to find a personal insurance policy to insure your goods.

We look after the premises and your spaces onsite but cannot insure what is inside your space.

It is important if you chose not to have insurance on your goods in storage with West Orange Self Storage you understand you bear the cost if the goods are damaged or lost, or if the contents of your space cause damage or loss you are liable for that cost.

WOSS is located in a highly populated residential area, with the spaces set back from the highway frontage. The drive-through facility is gated with access by individual pin codes. The pin codes at the entry gates also disarm the individually alarmed unit, making for simple access – no extra alarm hassles! Magnetic entry/exit doors lock down at 8pm and unlock at 7am, offering an extra level of security to the buildings. Individual units are locked & alarmed, while the facility as a whole is monitored by cameras 24 hours with smartphone viewing, allowing us off-site monitoring. Our facility is also protected from pests & rodents with regular pest control treatments.

WOSS has a convenient all weather loading dock for you to unload your goods out of the elements. The loading dock is specifically designed for unloading trucks, utes or trailers with ease. There are complimentary trolleys available for you to move heavy or bulky items. The site is easily accessed by removalists if you choose to have your items moved in you, however you will need to be available when they arrive to grant them access to your unit. Some of the spaces available open onto the turning bay, therefore are drive-up accessible.

First step is to contact us to arrange an onsite visit to see what spaces would suit your requirements. You then have to fill out a self storage agreement form, present photo I.D and organise the storage fee payments. Once the paperwork is completed (15-20 minutes) you will have immediate access to the general facility with a pin code. You can supply your own padlock or purchase one from us to secure your space.

Hazardous goods that leak, liquids that are flammable or give off fumes. Perishables such as fresh or packaged food products. Stolen goods or illegal items.

Self storage is the use of a storage space for a fee. WOSS have a wide range of units available, with sizes ranging from 3m2 through to 23m2. Entry to the storage space is controlled by the storer, with entry access available 7 days per week from 7am-8pm. You are free to store whatever you wish (except for dangerous, hazardous or illegal goods – see “What can’t I store?”)

If you have further questions about your storage needs, please call us on (02) 6362 1331 or email us on storage@woss.com.au.